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Dancing With The Stars Hotties

Dancing With The Stars has grabbed America ever since its debut in the summer of 2005.  Well as this summer comes to an end, Season 13 has arrived and three sexy women stand out.  If you never watched or heard of Laguna Beach, George Clooney or US Women’s Soccer, you will have no idea who these women are.  But this is where Wetness comes in and shows why we think highly of these women. We’re sorry if you guys were expecting naked pics of Nancy Grace and Ricki Lake.

Elisabetta Canalis
This gorgeous Italian model and actress is famous for being another statistic to Everyone’s Favorite Bachelor George Clooney.  She’s been on numerous fashion magazine covers and is easily the hottest female on the cast.


Kristin Cavallari
Before Jersey Shore dumbed down took the world by storm, Laguna Beach was MTV’s hit show.  On that show, a blonde stood out and the rest was history.  Kristin Cavallari may not have any talent, but nobody reading this cares.  She’s hot, and that’s why she’s on the list.

Hope Solo
When the US Women’s Soccer team was on display for the world to see, goalie Hope Solo was on the forefront of it all.  She has charisma, toughness, but more importantly, something real sexy about her.  It was hard to find any real hot images of her, but we can only hope worst pun ever there will be more scandalous pics in the future.

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